A Culinary Haven In Madrid For Japanese BBQ Enthusiasts

If you find yourself in Madrid and are on the lookout for a unique culinary adventure, Oribu Brasas Japocastizas is a must-visit destination. This Japanese restaurant in the heart of the city not only specialises in authentic Japanese BBQ and excellent seafood, but also offers a delightful fusion of Japanese flavours with a touch of Madrid’s essence.

Japanese BBQ Excellence

With a particular focus on the sumibiyaki technique, Sumibiyaki involves grilling over sumi (charcoal) and bi (fire), a well-guarded secret of Japanese grilling techniques that unlocks the full flavour potential of carefully selected high-quality ingredients.

The centrepiece of our menu is our Wagyu beef, 100% imported from Japan and certified to guarantee its authenticity. Known for its exquisite marbling and tenderness, it also has various health benefits. Wagyu beef has the highest percentage of monounsaturated fat (MUFA) among all proteins. These fats add to the extraordinary depth of flavour and reduces cholesterol levels. Wagyu beef also contains essential amino acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

These premium cuts, presented on skewers, are grilled tableside, creating a unique and interactive dining experience. The magic lies in the use of select vegetable charcoal, illuminating the heart of every Oribu table with the essence of sumibiyaki.

A Commitment to Freshness

We strive for maximum freshness and the best ingredients possible, as these are the true stars of all our dishes. Our Wagyu beef is sourced from reputable suppliers.

Our seafood is collected from nearby markets as soon as it arrives. This means we bring the best of the sea directly to your table at Oribu!

Online Meat Sales with a Personal Touch

Oribu goes a step further by offering its customers the opportunity to purchase raw meat online through our website. For a nominal service fee of €15, if a customer purchases meat online and opts to dine at the restaurant, there is no need for them to await delivery.

You can simply visit the restaurant, place your meat order, and we will reserve it for you. Your delivery is ultimately dispatched to the restaurant. If you opt to dine in, delivery is omitted. However, if you prefer not to dine at Oribu, we will promptly deliver the raw meat order to your specified home address.

Where Madrid Meets Japan

Oribu in Madrid is not only about traditional Japanese BBQ. We also offer a delightful fusion of Madrid and Japanese cuisine.

A standout dish is our Ensaladilla de Gamba Roja, a creative blend of ensalada rusa with red shrimp. The strong mayonnaise-flavoured Russian salad is complemented by sweet and fresh red shrimp, creating a unique combination of flavours that bridges two culinary worlds.

Adding a playful twist, our Tamagoyaki de Rabo is fine smashed potato topped with slow-cooked oxtail. It a delightful homage to the classic Japanese tamagoyaki infused with the rich flavours of Madrid.

Sweet Tooth Desserts

For those with a sweet tooth, we have Komorebi de Arroz. This is a Japanese-style rice pudding consisting of crispy matcha-flavoured rice over a cream of rice cooked in coconut milk. Accompanied by a pistachio ice cream quenelle and popping candy, it is a pure sensory delight!

A Culinary Gem

Oribu Brasas Japocastizas is a culinary gem that combines the best of Japanese BBQ with the vibrant essence of Madrid. From authentic sumibiyaki techniques to online meat sales and creative fusion dishes, we provide a memorable dining experience for both locals and visitors alike.


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