Amazon Madrid Worker Arrested In 300,000 EUR Fraud

An Amazon worker has been arrested for a scam where pals ordered cheap products online and he then used his position in the warehouse to send them valuable goods worth over 300,000 EUR.

The National Police arrested the unnamed Amazon employee in the borough of San Fernando de Henares in the central Spanish Community of Madrid for reportedly stealing goods worth 300,000 EUR.

He is suspected of creating a criminal network that took advantage of his connections within the company.

The investigation started at the end of 2018 when security staff noticed weight discrepancies with five different deliveries going out of the Amazon distribution centre.

When they checked inside one of the packages, they found valuable items such as mobile phones and watches that did not correspond with the listed order.

The Amazon worker is accused of collaborating with his client base to place orders for low-value items which he would then send out with valuable products matching the same weight.

The police discovered that the suspect had access to the company’s stock database and advised his clients what items to purchase, always of a low value, according to reports.

He then allegedly calculated the weight of the order and filled the packages with expensive products of a similar weight.

According to local media, the main suspect has been fired by Amazon and arrested along with two associates.

An Amazon spokesperson said: “We have a zero tolerance towards any type of criminal activity.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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