Arrival Of Circus Price Heralds Christmas Around The Corner

As we step into December what better way than to plan a family treat to that most Madrileño of seasonal favourites – the Circo Price.

The oldest contiuning running circus in Spain will be offering its classic Christmas production from 25 November to 7 January, under the name of Los Mundos del Price. 

This is a special production that has become one of the classic events in the Madrid agenda. With stage management and choreography by Lola González and Bob Niko, Circo Price at Christmas presents an endearing adventure, full of songs, acts and circus numbers that will make you dream again.

This year’s show tells of a legend from times gone by, set in a far-off place, between the gigantic mountains where five friends lived.  They were unaware that their world was about to change; light, colour, life could disappear.  ​

The five friends go out into the world in search of answers, to explore and be reunited with their different places of origin.  In this way, they meet different people who will guide them towards the true reason for their search. They will visit the world of Music, Laughter, the Candy World, the World of the Mirrors and the Skyline World and, on the way, they will meet the Wheel Man, who never stops turning.

The Circus Price dates back to the 1870´s whilst the Circo Price at Christmas universe has been performed in Madrid since 2006 and each year, it surprises with a new production that has been exclusively created for the festive period.

It has become an event that is not to be missed in the city, backed up by more than 80,000 spectators who come to see these unique shows each year.




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