Iberian Poets Corner

Michael Duncan, whose Memories of Madrid  inspired an Iberian oddyssey treading in the land of the great Portuguese poet, Fernando Pessoa, presents readers of the Madrid Metropolitan with his latest poetic offering, ” Lisbon 2020″.


The Wild Oats, the Seven Seas
In the footsteps Ulysees
Ascending out of Alameda
Clear, bright and thirty degrees

Extensive skies and space and light
A sort of Tagus Trinity
Felt small within your boundaries
The moment Lisbon welcomed me

In Lisbon, it dawned on me
Horizons and extremities
Reflecting on the years before
I saw the possibilities

A city of grace, of space
With limitless light
Went through my wars and still alive
My private 1755
In Lisbon, one could put things right

In Lisbon I could see
Horizons and proximitiies
Mindful of what’s gone before
My private 1434
In this era of discovery
I’m past my private Bojador

Michael Andrew Duncan 2021 (c)

” Quem quer passar além do Bojador Tem que passar além da dor” Fernando Pessoa

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