New Post Brexit UK Car Sticker Rules Take Force

New driving regulations are due to take force for UK registered cars for travellers to Spain and across the European Union by September 28th.

Up until this date the traditional ( 111 year old) GB car sticker was valid including with the EU stars surrounding the letters applied for UK-registered vehicles travelling overseas.

At the beginning of this year, UK transport secretary Grant Shapps unveiled the redesigned ‘GB’ under a Union flag sticker which appears to have been a shortlived affair.

A spokesman for the Department for Transport said: “Changing the national identifier from GB to UK symbolises our unity as a nation and is part of a wider move towards using the UK signifier across government.” “GB number plates will still be valid within the EU as long as drivers display a UK sticker on the rear of their vehicle.”

The UK government´s Driving Abroad  website states that vehicles will need to display a UK sticker on the rear of the vehicle even if a GB sticker or number identifier with the Union flag or  Euro symbol symbol is evident.

In addition the new sticker must be displayed even if any of the “home nation” flags of England, Nothern Ireland,Scotland or Wales are also displayed.

In Spain a UK sticker no matter what is on your number plate and GB stickers need to be covered or removed.

Failure to clearly display the country of origin of your vehicle is an international requirement and if you are stopped by the police without one you can be issued with an on-the-spot fine.

Drivers coming to mainland Europe from the UK also need to put correctors on their headlights as well as comply with other “Spain only” regulations for carrying emergency fluorescent lights.


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