Madrid Makes Time Out Top City Listing

Madrid continues its march in its bid to be recognisd as one of the world´s best cities by being voted into the top 20 of Time Out´s  2021 best cities index.

The poll of 27,000 city-dwellers to rank the best cities in the world right now ranked Madrid in 18th place with San Francisco voted the world´s best.

Nevetherless its a respectable showing for the Spanish capital as well for the first time breathing down its arch rival Barcelona who was ranked 3 places higher this year at 14th.

The recognition adds another feather in Madrid´s cap after its Retiro – Prado area was added to the UNESCO UNESCO World Heritage List.

The magazine index wanted ” to find out which cities really stepped up and pulled together this year” and among voting categories were “not just about food and culture” but also “community projects, green space and sustainability. We were after the cities that were not only thinking about the now, but also the future. The ones making life better both for us and for our grandkids”.
With the backdrop of the lockdown and pandemic the magazine underlined that this ” has not been the best year for city-dwellers” however in Madrid´s case the city was able to come together and make it through enhanced in every way for its quality of life for its inhabitants.

” What would Madrid be without its bars and restaurants? Without its museums and theatres? Those may be obvious questions to ask, but it is precisely these things, or their absence, that have reminded Madrileños why exactly they live where they do.

Despite the difficulties and restrictions, Madrid has remained true to its spirit and is now beginning to claw back those cultural riches that make it one of the best cities in the world, both to visit and to live in”.






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