Madrid Tourist Numbers Surged In June

Madrid received 890,031 travellers in June, the highest figure of the year so far and just short 2.3% of the record number reached in June 2019.

The figures released this week by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), show that the number of visitors was 12.3% higher than in 2022 and the number of overnight stays up by 8.3% which was significantly higher than the national average.

The total number of visitors to the Madrid region in the year to June touched 9.4 million, which represents a year-on-year rise of 27.4%, above the Spanish average of 20.7%.

Madrid´s Minister for Tourism, Almudena Maíllo, said that the regional government initiatives for attracting visitors was bearing fruit, and that “the great commitment of the Madrid City Council to the tourism industry has allowed the sector to emerge from the crisis caused by the pandemic strengthened and with good growth expectations”.

Maíllo highlighted that the occupancy level of hotel beds has grown by more than 3 points compared to June 2022 and, more importantly, employment in hotel establishments grew by 21.5%.

The national figures show that there were just over 36 million visitors to Spain in June with an average stay of 3.15 days who spent 152 EUR on hotel rooms.

The largest nationality of visitors were from the UK with 1.3 million followed by Germany 850,000 and France 550,000.

The United States accounted for 500,000 visitors.



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