Partido Popular Falls Short Of Expected Victory

Yesterday´s Spanish general election has proved a hollow victory of the conservative Partido Popular who won the most seats with 136 deputies elected but fell short 40 for a majority in the Congress of Deputies.

As the leader with the most seats Feijóo told cheering supporters at the party´s Madrid headquarters that it was now his duty to try to form a government.

“Spaniards know we have gone from being the second force to the party with the most votes,” he said, adding: “I hope this doesn’t start a period of uncertainty in Spain.”

However it is far from clear how he will be able to do so as the only viable partner is the far-right party Vox but whose 33 seats would still fall short of a majority.

Until he does so PSOE Socialists of Pedro Sanchez remain in government.

The Socialists much better showing – instead of losing seats – actually gaining 2 to a total of 122,  still leaves them behind the Partido Popular, though only by 14 seats which leaves them in a poor position to form a new government.

The left-wing coalition of Sumar made 31 seats which would leave the centre-left block with 153 of the 176 seats needed.

In terms of the popular vote the results were very close with thr Partido Popular on 8,091,840 and the PSOE on 7,760,970 while Vox took 3,022,744 and Sumar 3,014,006 votes.

The electoral deadlock mean the likelihood of new elections later in the year are high.


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