Taken For A Ride: Off Duty Police Officer Carried Off By Car Thief

This is the moment an off-duty policeman is carried off on the bonnet of a car after he stopped a driver who had crashed into his vehicle and tried to escape.

The incident took place around 10pm on the motorway M-40, near the Puente de Vallecas, in south of Madrid on Saturday, 22nd July.

The accident happened when a car ran into the back of another vehicle, and then tried to speed off.

But the car that was hit was occupied by two off-duty police officers who gave chase and eventually cornered the hit-and-run driver on the avenue Mediterraneo, near Retiro Park, a well-known park of the city.

At this point, one of the officers climbed out of the car and stopped the other driver after identifying himself as a police officer.

The officer, who was not wearing a uniform, stood in front of the car and demanded an explanation for driving after an accident.

Rather than providing one, the driver, whose name has not been revealed, decided to drive and the cop had to jump onto the bonnet of the car in order to not be run over as the car accelerated to enormous speed in order to get away again.

The cop was reportedly carried for 50 metres (164 feet) at high speed before falling off, and it was later reported that the vehicle had been stolen.

He was later arrested when he was stopped at a red light, and it was revealed he was a 28-year-old man although his name was not revealed.

The driver had an arrest warrant for a robbery case and other charges.

Two officers had to be attended by paramedics and carried to the hospital as a result of the attempts to apprehend the man.

The investigation is ongoing.

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