BBC World Questions Comes to Madrid

BBC World Questions comes to Madrid

On January 17th, BBC World Questions came to Madrid, where veteran journalist and presenter Jonathan Dimbleby chaired a debate at the Circulo Bellas Artes on aspects of Spanish current affairs. Featured strongly was the ongoing stand-off in Catalunia as well the less polemic issue of including onions – or not – in the national dish of Tortilla. The panelists included Francisco Martínez from the PP,  Alfred Bosch, leader of the ERC in Barcelona, Begoña Villacís from Cuidadanos, and the writer and commentator Ana Romero.

Mary Hockaday, Controller BBC World Service English said: “Debate is at the heart of the BBC World Service, and we’re bringing BBC World Questions to Madrid at a pivotal time in Spanish politics”.  The audience which mainly consisted of expat residents seemed to have enjoyed the experience.  “ It was interesting to see how it all works” said Chris Neil who originally came from Bristol and now lives in Madrid. Others were equally impressed with the format of wine reception beforehand “ very posh ” said David Muñoz whose only disappointment was not having his question chosen for discussion by the panel “ imagine that 18 million people would be listening to me ” wondered David.

The Madrid Metropolitan had earlier met up with Jonathan Dimbleby and the BBC team at their hotel to ask a few questions. Was this your first visit? “ No I have been here several times – the first in the 70´s and also just after the attempted coup in 81”. Three adjectives to describe Madrid Jonathan? “ Magnificent, Easy Going and Proud” noted Jonathan. Where is next for the BBC World Questions team? Katmandu! Bon Voyage team!

The show can be heard at the BBC

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