Brit Teen Dies Falling From Balcony In Magaluf

An 18-year-old British teen has died after falling from the sixth-floor in
the popular touristic city of Magaluf making it the third death at the same
hotel this year.

The tourist, whose name was not revealed, was staying near the hotel of Eden
Roc, in the city of Magaluf, where Scots bar worker Natalie Cormack died in
April after trying to edge her way along an overhang. She wanted to get
around a locked entrance door after she discovered she did not have keys and
plunged the equivalent of seven floors.

A glass panel has since been erected at the spot where she died in the
eastern Spanish region of the Balearic Island.

Official sources reported to local media that the body of the teen was found
on the ground by a hotel worker and had signs of having falling from a
balcony some hours before and it is believed that he could have fallen from
as high as 20 metres (65 feet).

Police arrived at the scene. Local media are claiming it was another case of
“Balconing” in which youngsters attempt to move from one balcony to another
or jump into swimming pools below.

An ambulance arrived at the scene but could do nothing other than transport
the body to a nearby hospital where his death could be confirmed.

They said the young man had probably died some hours earlier in the early
hours of the morning, and had lain there until he was discovered by hotel

The victim did not have documentation with him but it was reported that he
was a British national born in 1999.

Local media reported that this is the third victim of balconing at the same
hotel this season.

Balconing has become such a problem that it was actually the subject of a
special meeting on Friday on the holiday island. The meeting was attended by
hotel managers, emergency personnel and local government officials, as well
as people from the British consulate.

Sebastian Darder, the president of the hotel sector, said “balconing is when
a person who is playing tries to jump into a pool” and added “We are
currently dealing with how to tackle this foolishness by irresponsible kids
due to alcohol.”

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