Civil Guard Busts Daring Madrid Ram-Raiding Gang

The Civil Guard has successfully dismantled an active criminal group of ram raiders operating in multiple provinces in central Spain including across the Madrid region.

The group, accused of around twenty criminal acts, targeted commercial establishments in Madrid, Ciudad Real, Zaragoza, and Salamanca.

The suspects, three Spanish men aged 29 to 42, were apprehended following an investigation that revealed their involvement in a series of robberies committed with the moon landing method and the mace. Their voracity for stealing high-end vehicles led to their identification by specialized Judicial Police officers.

The group’s modus operandi involved using stolen vehicles to conduct surveillance on targeted shops, breaking in through metal gates and windows using large hammers to open doors, and quickly filling raffia bags with stolen goods before fleeing the scene.

During authorized searches, authorities seized 8,000 euros in cash, stolen tobacco, vehicle theft kits, and tools used in their crimes.

With a long history of criminal activity, the detainees now face charges of belonging to a criminal group, robbery in commercial establishments, theft of motor vehicles, and documentary falsification. They are currently awaiting trial in prison.



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