Daring Helicopter Airlift Of Trapped Bull In Madrid Sierra

This is the moment a bull trapped behind a waterfall after wandering off from its enclosure is airlifted to safety near Madrid.

Local rescue authorities were called in by a farmer in Rascafria – a small town around 50 kms north of the capital – after he discovered one of his bulls stranded in the nearby Paular Valley.

The farmer tried in vain to free the trapped bull and the animal failed to leave the dangerous spot on its own.

Experts had to wait for two days to mount a daring helicopter rescue on the stricken beast.

Video footage of the drama shows a vet applying a tranquiliser before firefighters and wildlife experts fasten a harness to the bull.

Finally, it is winched into the air by the helicopter and flown to safety out of the valley.

Local media reported that the bull has recovered well from the rescue operation which started on Saturday (29th October) around midday and lasted around three hours.



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