Firemen Rescue Passengers At Parque de Atracciones

Ten people who got trapped in the Parque de Atracciones amusement park in the Casa de Campo in Madrid had to be rescued by Fireman yesterday.

The incident took place in the Amusement Park of the city of Madrid, the Spanish capital, when one of the cars of the roller coaster ride ‘La Tarantula’ stopped suddenly after suffering a mechanical failure that left people there trapped in their cars.

The reason for the mechanical failure is still being investigated.

Firefighters went to the place in order to attend the emergency and using a crane, managed to get the passengers out.

The video shared by the emergency services with the Madrid Metropolitan shows the moment of the rescue of the people trapped in the roller coaster.

Emergency services of Madrid told Newslash that nobody was injured and that the paramedics went to the place but they did not need to attend anybody.

The spokesman said: “The cars of the attraction “Tarantula” stopped and firefighters from the Madrid city hall force had to facilitate the descent of ten people. We used two articulated ladders and a sliding ladder to carry out the descents. None of the affected people required health care.”


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