Giant Fiesta Figure Falls – Narrowly Missing Child

A dancer dressed as a giant in a horned bull headdress and a bloody apron caused terror when they fell on top of a small child.

The giant was part of a rural festival in Alsasua, northern Spain, where performers celebrate the area’s closeness to the land.

But the performer was reportedly unbalanced by a strong gust of wind and toppled over on top of one terrified youngster.

The giant heads on top of rural costumes are one of the biggest attractions for children at the event.

In footage of the drama, the giant can be seen dancing to traditional music when a sudden wind flattened him.

As the dancer topples over, his horned headdress comes within a few inches of spiking the child.

But both the child and the performer escaped unharmed.

Under local folklore, the bullhorn-wearing giant is known as a Momotxorro, which was once a controversial figure in ancient legends.

In older festivals, the creature would haunt the streets in a blood-stained shirt clutching a pitchfork and demanding tributes from villagers.


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