HM Hospital’s New Madrid Health Testing – Prevention Is Better

Now is the time to take care of yourself!

One of Madrid’s leading private hospitals, the HM Sanchinarro Hospital has launched a “prevention is health” campaign to provide health care check-ups to carry out timely analysis to spot early signs of trouble and take prompt action.

The old adage that “prevention is better than cure” and the key to ensuring strong and longer lasting health is the message of the hospital’s director, Dr Niko Mihic, who answers the Madrid Metropolitan’s questions on the hospital´s new Prevention Unit.

Dr Niko Mihic of HM Hospitales

At what age is it advisable to have a check-up?

Normally there is no exact age, although it is recommended from 40 years of age, but if you have a family history regarding your health, it is recommended even earlier, then at regular intervals of once or twice a year.

How does our lifestyle affect us?

Obviously, the time we dedicate to taking care of our health and effectively affects our health state – the time we dedicate to exercise, sports and leisure as well as our nutrition is essential.

What does the check-up check?

HM Hospitales offers a short, complete, exhaustive medical examination, adjusted to the age and sex of each patient.  The specialist test unit has the most advanced medical technology and experts in the interpretation of the results.


HM Sanchinarro Hospital

Do I actually have to go to the hospital?

Yes, the admission will take place in the office of the admission unit at the time and on the day specified previously.

Can I park my car in the hospital car park?

Yes, the staff of the early prevention unit will ask the person in charge of the car park to allow them to enter and exit the car park free of charge.

Do I have to come nil-by-mouth?

The tests include an analytical extraction and ultrasound scans at the beginning of the same, so a minimum fast of 8 hours is necessary. If any test that requires special preparation is also included, the necessary information will be attached when the appointment is made.

Do I need any kind of special clothing?

Loose-fitting clothing and comfortable shoes are recommended. If you wish, the hospital will provide you with the appropriate clothing for your stay.

Is any type of medication or radiological contrast administered during the tests?

Some of the tests require contrast administration. Our staff will inform you in detail of the necessary requirements and will provide you with an informed consent prior to carrying out the test.

If the doctor thinks more tests are necessary, will they be done right away?

Yes, if the specialist considers carrying out a complementary test, it will be carried out on the same day if there is availability.

When will the test reports be delivered to me?

All the tests need time to be informed and evaluated by the specialist. Once collected, we will deliver a final report in less than 7 days. However, the doctor in charge will deliver an interim report the same day, in which they will advance the vast majority of the results obtained.

How can I pay?

Payment is made upon admission to the hospital by cash or card.

How can I book a test?

Visit HM Hospitales International for more information or book an appointment.



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