HM Open Brand New HM Delfos In Barcelona

HM Hospitales set in a different model of private healthcare in Barcelona, that promotes a welfare large project based on a state-of-the-art technology.

Doctor Juan Abarca Cidón, President of HM Hospitales, confirms that “in Cataluña there is a great private health system with high tradition and excellent results, but we want to bring a new way of focusing the sanitary sector thanks to a translational investigation, teaching and a state-of-the art technology, which are the axes of our model. Besides, we support a hierarchical structure in the organizing plan, which allows to cover all professional expectations of our team inside the hospital”.

HM Hospitales will invest more than 30 million euros with the purpose of “offering a new way of practicing medicine inside of the Catalan health private system”, according to Doctor Juan Abarca Cidón.

This equipment raises the hospital with capacity to respond to all necessities in terms of any therapeutic area. In fact, this new Surgical Block make possible the realization with the better guarantees of surgical process in Neurosurgery, Cardiac Surgery, Thoracic Surgery and Oncological Surgery.

It is also worth noting that Neurosciences has been equipped with an “integrated operational theatre” with a state-of-the-art equipment such as an intraoperative mobile CT-Scan with high versatility, unique in the Catalan healthcare and the first in Spain with these characteristics.

In this way, the technology incorporated in the “integrated operational theatre” will allow the specialists to develop the surgical procedures in 3D, and will bring a major precision and absolute control to the surgeon to know what is happening in real time. This technology rebounds directly to the benefice of the patients because it allows an approach less invasive that make easier the recovery and minimize the risks derived from the post-operative period.

The best specialists in Oncology, Cardiology and Neurosciences 

The medical excellence in Hospital HM Delfos arrives with the reinforcement of three therapeutic areas with special interest for HM Hospitales: Oncology, Cardiology and Neurosciences. For that, the Group has brought the best local talent of each specialty: Doctor Joan Albanell for Oncology, Doctor Angel Cequier for Cardiology and Doctor Gerardo Conesa Bertrán for Neuroscience. 

Doctor Conesa assures that it might probably be “the only private center with hierarchy and unified protocols”. The prestigious neurosurgeon insists on the importance of an ambitious project based on three pillars: the welfare part, the medical, the investigative and the teaching one.

More technology than ever

HM Hospitales is an avant-garde hospital for the technological sanitary adoption

and HM Delfos has converted Barcelona in a reference in the field of diagnosis imaging. One of this technological novelty is the X-ray EOS Vertical Diagnosis System which is capable of getting imaging of the entire body. It is very quick, doesn’t cause claustrophobia and the radiation is reduced to 85% less than other modern systems.

The hospital also has an innovative 160 multislice CT-Scan that creates high quality imaging in a very reduced time and allows a reconstruction with 3D functions. HM Delfos also have a mammogram with 3D tomosynthesis that contributes to the early detection of breast cancer and in the next weeks a 3T MRI will be implemented.  

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