How do you live?

Do you spend a lot of time at home? Do you cook? Are you a family person? Formal or laid back? Do you usually entertain people? Light or dark? Sound or silence?

These are crucial questions when one is about to design a space for living. That’s how we start our residential projects, understanding our client’s needs. It is extremely important in order to distribute the space according to the lifestyle of each person, select the appropriate fabrics and pieces, design the joinery and make the whole space chic and comfortable.

As Gio Ponti said, homes should be seen as the epicenter of family life, a place of comfort, serenity and happiness, and that’s the main reason why we place our client’s needs as the core of all our projects. Homes should speak about the people who live in, about how they behave, how they interact with space or how they feel.

Getting to know our clients is a process that can be compared to a Google interview job, the more information we get about their behavior, the better to plan a great proposal. This process help us to create a wide range of creative ideas according, focused on developing practical and imaginative solutions with careful detailing.

We believe spending time with our clients and understanding them create unique personal spaces for each of them, that’s why we love being involved from the beginning till the end, from organizing space, till the last candle or accessory.

Proportion and Scale

If clients come first in our designs, two other factors are also at the forefront, scale and proportion.  We are obsessed about them so as to get a balanced space.  You may have the perfect color scheme and style in mind for a space, but by choosing ill-fitting pieces of furniture or using the wrong scale, the design might fail.

We take both factors seriously and that’s why we deeply think about, from early phases such as space distribution to furniture selection or window coverings.

Every home should ultimately reflect its occupants’ taste and lifestyle, using scale, proportion and balance to help tie together a cohesive scheme.

Contact: CésaryMaría, Calle Lope de Rueda 40. 28009 Madrid. T: +34 696 499 952;; www.cesarymaria.

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