Lorry Driver Drunk At The Wheel So To Be Fired And Get Dole

A Spanish lorry driver who intentionally got drunk at the wheel and then called the cops so he could get arrested has admitted he wanted to be fired from his job so he could go on the dole and be eligible for unemployment benefits.

The 56-year-old lorry driver, name not disclosed, called police whilst he was driving near the town of Tarrasa in the province of Barcelona in the north- eastern Spanish region of Catalonia at around 8.30am on 2nd September.

Officers at the scene with the lorry.

He informed the police that he was at the 81-kilometre point on the AP-68 motorway before claiming that he would continue drinking at the wheel if they did not show up, according to a Civil Guard statement obtained by Metropolitan Press

The police arrived at his location in a service area and found the lorry driver acting aggressively and threatening them with violence if they did not arrest him.

A Civil Guard spokesperson told Metropolitan Press that the 56-year-old lorry driver said after being calmed down: “I need a break. I want to be paid unemployment benefit and then retire.”

The spokesperson added: “He was driving the lorry without stopping, but he at least pulled over in a service area to wait for the officers after making the call otherwise he could have really messed up.”

Once police on the scene were able to calm the man down, he reportedly told them that he needed his employer to fire him so he could claim benefits.

The lorry driver underwent an alcohol test and was found to be five times over the limit, according to the police statement.

In Spain, lorry drivers can retire at 65 years of age with maximum pension if they have worked for over 37 years. It is unclear how long the man had been in employment.

The lorry driver has been arrested and criminal proceedings are underway.

It is unclear if his conviction will affect his unemployment claim.

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