Lucky To Be Alive: Trapeze Artist Survives 20ft Fall

A trapeze artist ended up in hospital after he plunged 20 feet to the ground during a circus performance.

The accident occurred while the artist was performing an act called the ‘Wheel of Death’ during a show by Circo Quiros (Quiros Circus) in the Spanish capital, Madrid, on 4th March.

Footage filmed by an audience member shows the mesmerising performance starting off seemingly without a hitch as two acrobats balance on two connected wheels moving up and down in a circle.

But as one of them tries to switch his position to stand on the outer side of the wheel, he slips and falls more than 20 feet to the ground.

With no safety net to land on, he slams onto the ground with a thud and is unable to get back up.

Circus staff immediately rush to help as the second performer stops the spinning wheel and runs to his pal’s aid.

Paramedics were dispatched to the scene and transported the injured acrobat – named David – to the nearest hospital on a stretcher.

He was given a standing ovation by the audience as he was carried out and he even managed to wave at them, local media reported.

The show continued after a 40-minute interruption while medics tended to the performer.

Fortunately, the incident resulted only in minor injuries and was later described as a “miracle” by circus staff.

Circo Quiros manager Nacho Pedrera told local media: “Despite having 10 stitches on his chin and several bruises, David is in perfect condition and eager to return to work in the Gran Circo Quiros ring.”

David will continue to perform his ‘Wheel of Death’ act with Circo Quiros in Madrid until 26th March.

It is part of a traditional circus show involving acts with animals, trapeze artists, acrobats, jugglers, and clowns.


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