Madrid Empties For December “Super Puente” Week

Despite the plunging temperatures, Madrileños have been taking advantage of no school and two bank holidays to escape to pueblos and take mini breaks with the kids.

The forecast for the week maybe cold, wet and on high ground, snow, but that is not stopping 13.5 million car journeys expected this week according to the DGT.

On Tuesday 6th Spain celebrates its Constitution Day marking its transformation from the Franco dictatorship with the approval of the referundum of the new constitution in 1978, which led to the restoration of democracy.

This has been a public holiday since 1983 and is marked with an official commemoration at the Spanish Cortes in Madrid.

Both of Spanish houses of parliament, the Cortes and the Senate are open to the public for the Día de la Constitución.

If that wasnt enough Spaniards will be able to celebrate Thursday 8th as well with a public holiday.

December 8th celebrates the Día de la Inmaculada Concepción Immaculate Conception Day

The origin of this celebration can be traced back to the mid-19th century when Pope Pius XI granted an edict to commemorate the birth of the Virgin Mary.

The feast day of the Immucate Conception falls on the day of a famous Spanish victory during the Dutch Wars of the 16th century.

The victory which was against a numerically superior enemy when a Spanish Tercio defeated the Dutch rebel army at the Battle of Empel – a victory which was atributed to the appartition of the Virgin to vanquish the Protestant heretics.

Her appartion also brought a  sudden drop in temperatures meaning the Dutch reinforcement coming by ship were trapped in by frozen water, adding to the victory.

On December 8th  1892 Maria Cristina of Austria, Queen Regent of Spain, proclaimed the Immaculate Conception patroness of the Spanish Infantry.

Whatever the reason many school children and their working parents will be happy to have a few days off in the run up to the much longer Spanish Christmas!





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