Missing Teenager Found Dead After Being Kicked Off Train For Not Having Ticket

A missing teenage footballer who was kicked off a train for not having a ticket has been found dead next to the railway line after he was apparently electrocuted while trying to sneak a lift back to his club.

Alvaro Prieto’s lifeless body was discovered lying between two train carriages of an out-of-service train at the Santa Justa station in Seville, Spain, on the morning of 16th October.

The grim discovery put an end to a search for the young Cordovan footballer who was last seen trying to get on a train back home on 12th October.

Prieto had reportedly spent the previous night at a friend’s house and was due to return to duty with his club in Cordoba.

He sent a short text message to his parents saying: “I’m heading to the stop,” before his phone ran out of battery and turned off.

But Prieto reportedly missed his train that took off at 7:20am on Thursday morning.

With his phone dead and no money on hand, he could not access his train tickets or payment methods to buy another one.

He had tried to get onto another train to Barcelona that passed through Cordoba but was kicked off by security for not having a ticket.

After this failed attempt, security personnel once again caught him trying to access the train cars through an access point not open to the public.

The young man, unable to board the train, was repeatedly asked to leave the station by the guards.

Photo shows Alvaro Prieto, undated. The body of the man from Cordoba who was missing since Thursday, October 12, 2023, was found between two train carriages. (Newsflash)

After failing to find a solution within the station, he decided to leave the premises, and he was never seen alive again.

A surveillance camera in the area allegedly captured his last moments alive, showing the young man walking towards Kansas City Avenue, the exit from Seville to Cordoba via the A-4 highway.

Witnesses questioned by authorities claimed to have seen him walking on foot, past 10:00am, in the area close to the station where his body was eventually found.

From that moment on, the trail of the young man was lost, and just hours later, alarms were raised.

Rescuers searched for him for four days before his dead body was found among the train cars.

Investigators believe that the young man could have accidentally been electrocuted when he accessed an unrestricted area at Santa Justa station to catch a train back to his city on the same morning of his disappearance.

The body was in an advanced state of decomposition and had some burns and other typical signs of electrocution, local media reported.

Photo shows the scene where the body of Alvaro Prieto was found, undated. The young man from Cordoba was missing since Thursday, October 12, 2023. (Newsflash)

Police said that the train where his body was found had been out of service and inoperative since the end of last August.

Precisely this Monday, it was undergoing its first ’empty manoeuvre’ after the breakdown.

When the train was leaving Santa Justa station, a local news reporter spotted the corpse.

Forensic and Judicial Police officers have conducted a visual inspection at the unusual location where the body was found.

A judicial delegation also arrived at the scene, and the young man’s body was removed in the early afternoon (Mon).

He was wearing the clothing that had been reported as worn by Prieto on the morning when he disappeared.

Investigators said so far there is no evidence of foul play.

An autopsy is underway to determine the exact cause of death.

The investigation is ongoing.


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