Ayuso Goes To New York To Promote Spanish In Digital Future

The Madrid regional premier, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has been in New York to promote the Spanish language in the new digital economy.

Speaking at the Columbia Business School in she said that “Spanish cannot be left out in the digital world and must be part of the internets development and future.There is the challenge and there we have to face it.”

Ayuso was addressing students as part of her visit to the United States.

She was last there in 2022 to attract US investment to the Madrid region, as well as open Madrid up as an international destination for American expats.

 Díaz Ayuso considers that, precisely, the new generations, who are digital natives, it is their responsibility to “take the reins of this world of possibilities” without forgetting who they are, “taking care of this incredible heritage which is the Spanish language.”

“Just like what happened five hundred years ago, life leads to a new front in which robotics, artificial intelligence and programming, are changing the world we know and in this other world we should also leave our mark,” she added.

Díaz Ayuso stessed that the Spanish language has within it a “unique story of adventure, miscegenation, bravery, tradition and coexistence.” Its celebration of the Dia de Hispanidad showed that its language a vital part of the modern world.

Ayuso also met Spanish students who are enrolled in the Ivy League university.


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