Madrid Firefighters In Dramatic Lift Rescue

This is the moment firefighters use tools to drill a hole in a wall to rescue people trapped in a lift.

The incident took place in a building in central Madrid, on 28th July. Three people were trapped in the lift after it became stuck between two floors.

Technicians tried to move the lift up or down but were unable to do so.

The workers called the firefighters and after checking different options, it was decided to dig a hole in the wall.

Felix Miguel, head of the firefighters of Madrid, said that “it was the safest way for both the firefighters and the trapped people”.

The video, obtained from the emergency service of Madrid shows the firefighters working on the wall to make a hole and gain access to the people trapped inside the lift.

They said that two men and a woman were rescued.

Firefighter Felix Miguel said: “It is the first time I have carried out an operation like this in my 23 years of service.”

The three people who were trapped in the lift are not thought to have been injured.


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