Mexcican Drug Cartel Boss Arrrested In Madrid

The European boss of a Mexican drug cartel has been arrested in Madrid, after an international operation involving the United States and Spain.

The Spanish authorities said that the bust – dubbed ‘Operation Armonica’ – was made possible by cooperation between the Spanish National Police, the Colombian police, and American authorities and also netted 400 kilogrammes (882 lbs) of cocaine and EUR 220,000  in cash.

The footage shows the suspect being bundled into a police car, with officers then seen seizing huge wads of cash from a suitcase.

Newsflash obtained a statement from the Spanish National Police on Monday, 31st July, saying that the bust was a “joint operation by the National Police of Spain, the National Police of Colombia, and the US National Security Investigations Office.”

They said that the arrested cartel boss was the European representative of the Zetas cartel.

The statement also said: “The arrest of the visible face of the ‘ZETAS’ in Europe marks the second major blow by the National Police against Mexican criminal organizations, with the ultimate goal of preventing their establishment in Spain.

“A total of five individuals have been arrested, and 400 kilogrammes of narcotics and EUR 220,000 in cash have been seized.

“Among those arrested is ‘el Repetido,’ a name attributed to a Colombian triplet brother well-known in the world of drug trafficking.

“Thanks to international cooperation, the criminal organisation based in Colombia has been apprehended, leading to its dismantlement in the various countries involved.”

The cops said that they also seized two vehicles, 10 phones and a number of incriminating documents.

They said that the operation “represents the second major blow by the National Police against Mexican criminal organisations attempting to establish themselves in Spain.”

The suspect has only been named as Said, 54, and the police said that he was a “drug trafficker who resided in Madrid but led a nomadic life, making it challenging for investigative groups to track him.”

The statement also said: “During the course of the investigation, the different members of the organization and their roles were identified, revealing how the leader distributed trusted individuals throughout Spain and Europe, specifically in the Netherlands.”



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