Madrid Government Urges Support For Bullfighting

The president of the regional government of Madrid Isabel Díaz Ayuso joined with the Mayor of Madrid  José Luis Martínez-Almeida to urge support for the cultural defence of bullfighting as a part of Spain´s national heritage.

The two Partido Popular leaders made their joint declaration at the home of Madrid bullfighting – the Las Ventas Bullring yesterday.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso said that over a million Madrileños attended bullfights in Las Ventas in 2019 and although this year´s San Isidro festival was cancelled due to the Covid-19 shutdown the regional government will support the industry which relies heavily on state subsidies for taurin festivals.

The premier also announced the re-opening of the Venta del Batán bullfighting school which had been threatened with closure by the previous administration Ahora Madrid led by Manuela Carmena. The PP government will also resume it´s participation and promotion in the San Isidro festival in Las Ventas.

The festival which is one of the highlights of the Spanish bullfighting calendar sees some of the best bullfighting in the country.



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