Madrid Makes Top 3 LGBTQ+ Babymoon Destination

In the wake of another successful and packed Madrid Pride 22, the capital has further cemented its reputation as a top destination for LGBTQ+ travellers, with the publication by leading tour group Club Med s 2022 international destination rankings.

The 2022 report shows that Madrid is not only a first-class tourist and cultural destination in its own right, but that it is ranked 3rd in the list of the most popular queer-friendly babymoon destinations.

A babymoon is a trip for expectant parents can enjoy some time together before the arrival of a newborn. The explosion of the travel genre show that Madrid also reaches to LGBTQ+ parents as a babymoon location.

When it comes to LGBT+ families, some destinations are far more welcoming than others. Queer people embarking on any form of travel have an added layer of safety and comfortability to consider that many people don’t need to think about.

The report highlights Madrid as a top queer-friendly destination with a matrix measuring the capital´s strong and diverse community.

Toronto came out on top in the ranking, followed by Lisbon, with Madrid coming third with an overall score of 79 out of a hundred and ranked” as an ideal spot for couples to enjoy time together with the safety of being in an inclusive environment”.

The report researched data on the top 50 most visited tourist destinations globally using the matrix of the number of romantic hotels in the city, activities for couples, country´s happiness score an safety record for LGBTQ travellers.





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