Madrid Police Seize Millions Of Fake Masks In Illegal Party Raid

The Spanish authorities have seized four million KN95 and FFP2 counterfeit face masks during a party raid at a hotel.

The counterfeit material was found during raids in south Madrid between 11th and 12th February, according to a police report released yesterday (17 February).

Over 50 agents from the National Police participated in two operations carried out in the municipalities of Parla and Leganes after reports of illegal parties.

The first raid at a leisure establishment in Parla resulted in 60 people being fined for breaking COVID-19 restrictions.

A second operation was carried out at a hotel in Leganes where the police fined another 49 people, but were surprised to find a counterfeit face mask operation in the warehouse during their search.

The police video footage shows agents searching the establishment where several people are seen sitting close to each other with what appears to be cocaine on the table.

The footage goes on to show agents finding stacked towers of boxes, bags filled with blue face masks, and a printing machine.

The agents continue to search the area finding more boxes and discarded plastic wrappers before people in civilian clothing are apparently taken into custody as the video ends.

The police found around four million face masks that were being prepared or had already been given fake markings to make them appear to have been officially approved for use.

Some were found inside cardboard boxes which were ready to be sent off but it is unclear where.

The authorities discovered a printer capable of printing ‘CE’ stamps and other fake certification markings.

The police arrested a man of Asian origin who was the hotel’s manager for suspicion of falsifying documents. Another 28 people were detained for administrative reasons.

The investigation is ongoing.


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