Madrid´s Two Stage Return To “New” Normality

Madrid will be joining the rest of Spain with the end of the state of emergency measures from Sunday 21st June.

The Covid 19 pandemic has receeded with a fraction of the cases from its peak in April.  The emergency measures were announced  by the PSOE led coalition government of Pedro Sanchez on March 14th to combat the virus spread in Spain. It came into force on March 16th and has been extended six times by the Spanish Parliament with its final extention expiring at midnight tonight.

The Community of Madrid has been hardest hit of the 17 autonomous communities with 70,521 registered cases and 8,691 deaths from a total of 293,018 cases and 28,322 Covid-19 deaths in Spain.

Sanchez introduced a controlled 4 phase de-escalation plan to take the country back to what he described as a “new “normality. Whilst the majority of the country is presently in phase 3 the Madrid regional goverment decided not to move to this stage and will now end its lockdown in line with the rest of the country on the 21st June.

The  “new normality ” will include maintaining hygiene and social distancing measures including use of masks in public spaces where a distance of 1.5 metres between people cannot be maintained.  There will also be increased workplace measures expected in the royal decree establishing the full measures that will be in place until the government announces the pandemic over or a vaccine available.

“The virus could return and plunge us once more into a second wave, and we have to avoid that at all costs” Pedro Sanchez

The end of the lockdown allows most aspects of normal life to resume including travel throughout the country as well as  internationally with those countries where reciprocal agreements are in place. Travel within the European Union is expected to resume from 21st June and the rest of the world on July 1st.

In Madrid, the regional government has announced a two stage plan – first to take effect from June 21st and the second from July 6th which includes the continuing capacity restrictions for shops & shopping centres, restaurants and indoor markets, cinemas, museums, theatre and conferences venues which will be restricted to 60 percent capacity increasing to 75 percent from July 6th.

Summer Terrazas will be initally at 80 percent with capacity restrictions ending from July 6th.

Madrid nightclubs will be able to re-open their doors from the 6th July.


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