Madrid Set To Impose Perimetral Closure For December Puente Week

The Madrid regional government is expected to make an announcement for the closure of its’ borders from December 4th to 13th inclusive.

The dates coincide with the two weekends of either side of the two December bank holidays of the Día de la Constitución on the 6th and Inmaculada Concepción festival on the 8th.

The Madrid autonomous region is bordered by Castilla y Leon and Castilla La Mancha.

The Madrid regional government had previously resisted a full border lockdown but did introduce them for the two long weekends that coincided with the bank holidays of the All Saints on the  1st November and the Madrid bank holiday celebrating La Almudena on the 8th November.

The remaining measures in force in the Madrid region including the midnight curfew is to remain in the hope that by the Christmas season the region will have “the best conditions possible,” said the regional  deputy healthcare minister, Antonio Zapatero.

However the region’s coronavirus infection rate continues to fall with the latest Health Ministry data showing a 14-day cumulative cases per 100,000 inhabitants has fallen again to 297 from a high of 562 and a national average of 436.

To date Spain has recorded nearly 1.6 million coronavirus cases and over 42,000 deaths.

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