Brazen Theft Of Supermarket Jamon Serrano Stuns Store Security

This is the brazen moment a man drops a rope to a woman with a shopping trolley on the ground floor before she ties it around two large legs of Serrano ham and he hoists them up to steal.

The couple was filmed stealing the legs of cured ham as well as a TV from the supermarket in the city of Guadalajara, situated around 50 kms from Madrid according to local media.

In the footage, the unnamed man is seen throwing a long rope from a balcony to a woman waiting on the supermarket’s ground floor.

The woman is seen tying the rope around items in her shopping trolley before the man lifts up two legs of Serrano ham.

According to the newspaper 20 Minutos, a few moments later the pair went back to the supermarket to use the same method to steal a TV, this time reversing their roles.

The daring couple performed the theft in front of shocked onlookers in the middle of the day during trading hours.

Neither of the suspects, believed to be man and wife, made any attempt to disguise themselves.

The unnamed supermarket has shared the video with the local police who are analysing the footage to identify the suspects.

The investigation is ongoing and so far no arrests have been made.

Apart from oportunistic thieves the market in stolen jamones is reckoned to worth millions of Euros.

In January of this year the supermarket DIA was raided by the authorities tracking down stolen consignments.

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