Madrid Sierra Braced For Heavy Snow This Week

After the weekend fog, Madrileños are waking up this morning to the expected arrival of Storm Gerard bringing an artic blast with high winds and a snow front to the Madrid region this week.

The Spanish AEMET state meteorological office have issued snow warnings above 700 cms for the north of the Madrid region, reaching as far south as the municipality of Colmenar Viejo.

As much as 5 cms is expected in the Sierra.

AEMET issued a Yellow Weather warning as gusts of up to 80 kph are expected later in the day.

Temperatures in the Madrid Sierra are expected to reach a high of 3C on Tuesday and lows of -2C overnight but the capital will remain relatively mild with temperatures reaching highs of 10C and overnight lows of 4C.

The Madrid Emergency 112 Service has also issued warnings to drivers to be prepared for disruption on the roads.

All the regions roads are being salted and snow clearing vehicles on standby for the expected snowfall.

The Civil Guard have released an awareness campaign for drivers in anticipation of widespread disruption on the regions´s road network.

The four light system will be used on mounted road side screens.

  • Green Light – Traffic allowed at low speed
  • Orange Light – HGV vehicles prohibited
  • Red Light – Chains and Winter tyres obligatory on all vehicles
  • Black Light – Road Closed

The snowfall comes 2 years to the week after the Storm Filomena that caused widespread disruption in January 2020 throughout the region.

The Madrid Mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, said over the weekend that the capital is much better prepared should it be hit again by a storm of that magnitude.

This week, the  north of Spain, especially the Galicia and northwest region will be hit hardest by Storm Gerard which is expected to reach its peak on Thursday 19th January before warmer air arrives.


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