Guide To New Spanish Urban Low Emission “Eco Stickers”

January 1st saw the implementation of the new Spanish DGT (Dirección General de Tráfico) environmental ECO car sticker which is designed to reduce pollution by restricting/banning vehicles with high emissions from the centres of population centres with more than 50,000 inhabitants.

The “eco-sticker” is based on the emissions level of the vehicle and placed in the bottom right of the windscreen, there are 4 categories of eco-stickers O, Eco, B & C.

  • Yellow ‘B’ sticker: for internal combustion vehicles that, although they do not comply with the latest EURO emission specifications, do comply with the previous ones. This label is intended for passenger cars and light gasoline vans registered since January 2001 and diesel from 2006, and heavy vehicles with more than 8 seats both gasoline and diesel registered since 2006.
  • Green ‘C’ sticker – For internal combustion vehicles that comply with the latest EURO emissions. Passenger cars and light gasoline vans registered from January 2006 and diesel from September 2015 will be entitled to this label, and vehicles with more than 8 seats and heavy vehicles, both gasoline and diesel, registered since 2014.
  • ‘ECO’ sticker – These are most hybrid or gas-powered vehicles. Plug-in electric vehicles with a range of fewer than 40 kilometers, non-plug-in hybrids (HEV), vehicles powered by natural gas and gas (CNG and LNG), or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are entitled to this label. They must meet the criteria for label C.
  • Blue ‘0 emissions’ sticker identifies the most efficient vehicles. They will be entitled to this label battery electric (BEV), extended range electric (REEV), plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) with a range of more than 40 km, or fuel cell vehicles.

If you have recently registered a vehicle in Spain, then an eco-sticker is issued with your paperwork, but if you don’t have one yet you can purchase them the Post Office ( Correos) –  you need to present the circulation permit and national ID of the registered owner of the vehicle and pay the 5 Euro fee.

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