Madrid´s Covid Vaccination Programme Accelerates

Despite the distruption which saw widespread road closures from the heavy snowfall due to Storm Filomena, the Madrid regional government has announced that the number of vaccines being administered has increased substantially.

The figures for the first wave of vaccine rollout in the region from December 27th to 14th January show that the Madrid region has vaccinated 63,385 residents.

The figure represents 41.6% of the 152,240 doses that have been received and allocated to Madrid.

To date Spain, has innoculated 676,186 citizens, representing 59. 3% of the 1,139,400 doses received according to figures released by the Ministry of Health.

Of the total number of vaccine doses, 1.103.700 are from Pfizer-BioNtech and 35,700 from Moderna.
Madrid´s 41.6% vaccination rate still lags behind many other autonomous communities in the administration of the programme and far behind Valencia´s 85,2%, Asturias, on 79,4%, Castilla y León, 73.2% and Cantabria on 70.2%.
The regional vaccine programme is being coordinated with the central government and in line with the agreed priority groups of front line health workers and vulnerable elderly citizens with the objective to having the majority innoculated by the end of February.
To date Madrid has recorded the highest coronavirus infection rate with 444,000 cases and 12,000 deaths.



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