Sanchez Pledges 2.5 Million Vulnerable People To Be Vaccinated By February

The Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez has announced that the government´s Covid-19 vaccine programme will be rolled out in three stages.

The first stage will begin imminently and include those vulnerable members of society including the elderly, carers, as well as frontline health and emergency workers.

The second stage will begin in March and by ‘May or June, 15 to 20 million Spaniards will have been vaccinated,’ including the next most vulnerable groups who will be identified by the Ministry of Health such as those that have pre-existing health conditions.

Spain has ordered 105 million doses from several different companies under the auspices of the European Union programme being coordinated from Brussels.

The two stage immunisation programme would allow all of Spain´s 47 million population to be covered.

To date Spain has recorded 1.7 million covid cases of whom over 46,000 have died.

However Spain´s second wave of the coronavirus appears to be subsiding with 240 cases per 100,000 inhabitants registered with the Spanish Health Ministry representing a fall of nearly 40% since early November.


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