Madrid´s Municipal Outdoor Pools Open From Today

Madrid´s city council has brought forward the opening of the capital´s outdoor swimming pools by a month to open in time for the San Isidro Weekend.

The move followed the unseasonably high temperatures in April which was expected to continue but now looks as though they will remain in the low twenties – in line with the yearly average for May.

The open-air public pools will be open from today, Saturday 13th May through to Sunday,September 9th.

Usually the capitals´s 21 open air pools open from mid-june until mid-September.

This year there will be two shifts between – morning from 10.00 until 15.00 and afternoon from 16.00 until closing at 21.00.

The following tariffs apply throughout the city´s pools:

  • Children under 5 – Free
  • Young Children under 14 – 1.35 EUR
  • Young Adults under 26 – 1.80 EUR
  • Adults – 2.25 EUR
  • Over 65´s – 0.70 cents

Of the 21 summer pools – 17 are open from today, Saturday 13th – being;  Peñuelas, Blanca Fernández Ochoa, Concepción, Santa Ana, Luis Aragonés, Aluche, Casa de Campo, José María Cagigal, La Elipa, Moratalaz, Entrevías, Vallecas, San Blas, San Fermín, Margot Moles, Cerro Almodóvar, y Plata y Castañar with a combined capacity of over 35,000.

Then from Thursday 1st June the Palomeras y Orcasitas will be opened fllowing by Hortaleza at the end of he month and from Saturday 1st July the indoor pool of La Masó will be uncovered and opened for summer open air use.


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