Spanish Tourism Sector Eyes Recovery After Abyss Of 2020

Statistics released by the National Statistics Institute’s (INE) show a catastrophic fall in tourist numbers coming to Spain in 2020.

The figures show tourists arrivals falling by nearly 77% and revenues falling by more than 75% in the worst year the Spanish tourist sector has had in over half a century.

The 20 million visitors who did arrive spent about €20 billion compared to the 83.5 million visitors in 2019 who spent nearly €92 billion.


Many of Spain´s tourist hotspots on the Mediterranean such as Benidorm, Costa del Sol as well as the Balearic and Canary Islands have seen their seasons wiped out by the pandemic restrictions which has brought international travel to a halt.
As Spain enters 2021 there is much talk but so far little evidence of a resurgence in tourist numbers.
Travel bans remain in force – most recently with the UK´s extended until the 19th January due to the mutant coronavirus.
However there is hope that with the international rolling out of the vaccine programmes there will be an increase in numbers from March 2021.

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