Massive Surge In UK Residency TIE Card Applications

The British Embassy in Madrid, has released the latest figures on the number of UK nationals who have applied for the new  TIE residency card or exchanged their old NIE certificates under Article 50 of the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

“At the beginning of June (2021) more than 150,000 UK Nationals had applied for their Withdrawal Agreement TIE – that’s both those swapping from the green certificate, as well as brand new applicants,” the British embassy wrote in their Facebook post.
The embassy post went on to say that “it explicitly states your rights under the Withdrawal Agreement. It makes day-to-day administrative processes, including border crossing, easier. It’s got your photo on it, it’s more recognisable and it’s more durable.”For those British nationals who can demonstrate that they were living in Spain before December 31st 2020, the TIE card states: “Emitido bajo artículo 18.4 Acuerdo de Retirada” (issued under Article 18.4 of the Withdrawal Agreement), confirming the holders rights before they ceased to be EU nationals.
TIE cards issued after the withdawal date do not carry this and British nationals are required to meet the post- Brexit conditions conditions for residency.
According to the latest figures released by the Ministry of Migration and Social Security for the number of foreigners resident in Spain, there were 381,000 officially resident British nationals in Spain up to December 31 2020, which represented a 6.1% rise over the course of the year.
With the continuing rise in the number of UK nationals registering for pre and post Brexit residency, this is likely to rise significantly in 2021.


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