Mexican Super Influencer In Madrid Halloween Pool Stunt

One of the world’s most sought after  weather girls, Yanet Garcia has wowed the web with her Madrid filmed video and images of her wearing a  Catwoman outfit ahead of Halloween.

The 29-year-old Mexican influencer shared the photo on Instagram for her army of 13.5 million followers with the message: “Boo!”

Garcia, who recently moved to California to be with her American boyfriend Lewis Howes, has apparently got in the Halloween mood ahead of the festivities on 31st October.

In the snap, the curvy Mexican is seen showing off her pert derriere in a leather Catwoman outfit complete with tail.

Earlier this week, Garcia shared a viral clip of her hoisting herself out of a swimming pool to reveal her famously toned behind.

In the footage viewed three million times, the dreamy brunette, considered the world’s hottest weather girl before moving to the US, is seen in a rooftop swimming pool in the Spanish capital.

The curvy influencer then uses her body strength to hoist her frame out of the pool, giving fans an eyeful of her famous pert behind in the process.

Last month, Garcia scored another viral hit with a clip of her jigging her derriere to the song ‘La Curiosidad’ by Jay Wheeler featuring Myke Towers.

In the footage, Garcia is seen standing in front of a mirror while wearing headphones and tight-fitting grey sportswear.

The cutesy celeb starts to rock her hips to the music before standing on her tip-toes and shaking her booty again.

Instagram follower ‘Pjrilddon68’ commented: “Great moves. Gorgeous.”

Netizen ‘OmarDimas5264’ wrote: “Hello lovely lady, beautiful eyes.”

She also recently shared images of her at the age of 18 as a thin catwalk model, as well as other images of her as a teenager.

Garcia compared them with photos of her muscly body now to encourage her followers to work out and eat healthily.

She wrote: “Before and 10 years after. Hard work pays off. 100 percent built in the gym.

“The results of discipline cannot be bought. Do not give up! If I can, you can too! Trust the process and the results will arrive. People who think they can’t do something will never do it, even if they have the skills.

“Every decision you make, from what you eat to what you do with your free time … will make you who you will be tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. See what you want and start to become that person.

“Don’t have surgery, don’t inject yourself, there is no need, you can make your buttocks grow naturally doing a lot of exercise, and eating super healthy.”

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