Miguel Bose Tells Of Home Robbery Terror

Spanish superstar, Miguel Bose,67, has told how a gang of heavily-armed raiders tied him and his terrified sons up for two hours while they ransacked his Mexico City home.

The Spanish singer and actor poured out the horrifying details of the 18th-August raid in an Instagram post.

He told how the commando-style hooded gang stormed his home and beat him, his children Diego and Tadeo, and his staff while they looted his luxury home.

Bose wrote: “Dear friends, on Friday night, a commando of 10 armed individuals broke into my home.

“They robbed us. They had us bound, along with my children, the household staff, and myself, for over two hours. They took everything, including the car.

Miguel Bose poses with unidentified women in undated photo. He was recovering from flu at home when a group of armed men broke into his home to rob him in Mexico City, Mexico, in August, 2023. (@miguelbose/Newsflash)

“Everything was very carefully planned and executed. To make it brief, we are all safe. My children behaved like two brave ones. Admirable.

“It was all very tense, delicate, and unpleasant.”

According to local media, the raiders wearing black hoodies and masks broke into the property around 8.30pm and ordered the star not to move.

After disarming his bodyguard, they forced Bose to tell them where he kept his cash and valuables.

As the gang stripped the mansion bare, the singer put on a brave face to reassure his 11-year-old twins everything would be fine.

When they had looted everything of value, the gang ordered Bose’s chauffeur to drive them out of the gated community in the singer’s Chevrolet Suburban SUV.

They dumped the driver on their way into Mexico City while the stolen truck was recovered the next day in the sprawling Mexican capital.

Miguel Bose poses with fans at Madrid Casa de Libro bookshop(@miguelbose/Newsflash)

At the time of reporting, no arrests had been made, and police are expected to study how crooks managed to break into the heavily-secured community.

Police have not said what was stolen or how much it is worth.

Despite the scare, the singer says he has no plans to return to Spain.

He wrote: “To my neighbours in the community, the first to arrive, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

“As for those who speculate so much that I will leave Mexico after what happened, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

“Here I am, and here I will stay to face whatever comes, in the most hospitable country on the planet.”


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