Mobdro – World´s Largest Pirate Streaming App Closed By Spanish Police

Mobdro, the world’s largest pirate streaming app, has ceased operations following raids and arrests in Spain resulting in it´s closure on 16 platforms based in Spain.

The international operation led by Europol and Eurojust began in 2018 after multiple complaints had been received from the La Liga Espanola de Fútbol, English Premier League, Indian Cricket and the Association and Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) among others, over the illegal downloading of their content.

The Mobdro app provied access to illegally streamed video content, including sports, from around the world on smart televisions, smartphones, tablets and other devices.

At the time of it´s seizure the application had been downloaded about 100 million times.

The investigation identified a number of connected websites and platforms located in Spain and Portugal with connections to servers in the Czech Republic.

The app provided free of use content unless users upgraded to the premium category – in addition the Spanish company  earned massive profits through advertisements which in turn allowed them to sell user information to a company related to botnet and DDoS attacks

It is believed the made some 5 million Euros in illegal profits from the venture.

An English Premier league spokesperson said that “the protection of our copyright is hugely important to the Premier League and our broadcast partners, as well as the future health of English football.”

The police operation led to the arrests of 4 people ( 3 in Spain and 1 in Andorra), 4 court orders to take down domains and 20 web domains and servers blocked and the main server in Portugal taken down.

Europol’s IPC3 (Intellectual Property Crime Coordinated Coalition) which supported the investigation combats intellectual property crime throughout Europe in coordination with national police forces.




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