New Year, new health habits! Prevention is better than cure!


  The UPPP allows to concentrate in a short space of time all the necessary check-ups to prevent possible pathologies

  • The Unit has state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and a multidisciplinary medical team, which not only seeks the normalcy of the patient, but also the optimization of his health
  • The patient profile of this service ranges from the middle-age executive with little to no time to go to the doctor, to the international patient

HM Hospitales consolidates its commitment to preventive medicine with the Personalized Early Prevention Unit (UPPP in Spanish), located at the Hospital Universitario HM Sanchinarro and which, led by Dr Niko Mihic, allows three different types of check-ups (silver, gold and platinum), with the aim of preventing new pathologies and optimizing the patient’s health.

HM Hospitales Sanchinarro

In this way, HM Hospitales is clearly committed to offering the highest standards of quality care and the Unit is a faithful reflection of it.

It takes three to four hours to complete a full check-up, the results of which can be obtained in less than 48 hours, so that immediacy is one of the most obvious signs of identity of this Unit. The different categories of check-ups are differentiated by the patient’s gender and age, and those include all the diagnostic tests necessary to rule out the most prevalent pathologies. In fact, one of the differential elements of the Unit is that it has at its disposal state-of-the-art technological equipment, with the most advanced diagnostic tools.

The check-ups go from blood tests or radiological tests, to electrocardiograms, ergometries, echocardiographies, abdominal ultrasounds, audiometries, ophthalmological check-ups, gynecological tests, etc. If there is the suspicion of a specific pathology, it is possible to resort to more specific tests, such as a genetic study, when it is considered necessary or, in case of cancer, a PET-CT, which allows detecting, even in very early stages, tumor lesions that with other diagnostic techniques would go unnoticed.

“We seek to optimize the health of our patients, contribute to their longevity with a good quality of life or, as it is popularly known, applying an antiaging concept of medicine,” says Dr Mihic. In this sense, the HM Hospital specialist recalls that early prevention is key when ensuring health.

There are many diseases in which a timely detection significantly increases the chances of cure. “Ultimately, it’s about advancing in early prevention and establishing healthy life guidelines. We do not only look for the normality of the patient, but also the optimization of his health status “, states Dr Mihic. 

Patient profile

People who request the services offered by the Personalized Early Prevention Unit have a very mixed profile, although executives and middle-aged workers who have little to no time to perform a conventional check-up that requires multiple visits and displacements prevail. In addition, it is increasingly common for the international patient, temporarily relocated in Spain, to request the services of the Unit and to undergo an exhaustive check-up.

The UPPP sees a maximum of three patients per day and its main characteristics are the immediacy and exclusivity they present when carrying out a complete and exhaustive check-up with all guarantees included. A multidisciplinary team acts within the Unit formed by an ENT, a cardiologist, an ophthalmologist and a gynecologist. And, as Dr Mihic affirms, “it is key that a single doctor is responsible for all areas of health although several specialists intervene“.

HM Hospitales 

HM Hospitales is the private hospital group of national reference that bases its offer on healthcare excellence in addition to research, teaching, constant technological innovation and publication of findings.

It currently has more than 4,000 professionals who concentrate their efforts on offering a quality and innovative medicine focused on the health and wellbeing of their patients and their families.

HM Hospitales is made up of 38 healthcare centers: 14 hospitals, 3 comprehensive centers specialized in Oncology, Cardiology and Neurosciences, as well as 21 polyclinics. All of them work in a coordinated manner to offer a comprehensive management of the needs and requirements of their patients.

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