On The Buses – Madrid EMT Free On 9th & 10th January

Madrid´s public buses will be free for users on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th January.

The announcement made by EMT MADRID who run the capital´s bus fleet that all will be free for users from 00.00 on Monday to 23.59 on Tuesday is a welcome surprise for the capital´s commuters and returning schoolchildren after the long Christmas break.

The measure will apply on all of EMT´s 2,000 buses and 215 bus routes.

Users will still need to tap in with their transport cards or if they dont have one, the driver will issue a free ticket.

Offering free buses has been a popular move over since the initiative started with some 36 free days over the last year – the last one being on 12th December.

The free day offered on Black Friday in November broke the record for the most bus journeys in a day –  nearly 3.2 million.


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