Rapper Among 37 People Arrested In Abuse Drug & Vice Ring

The Spanish National Police have taken down a major drugs and sex ring in Madrid, including a young rapper, Saymol Fyly, who has hundreds of thousands of followers on You Tube and social media platforms.

In a police statement, released on the 3rd January, the authorities confirmed that some 150 police officers were involved in the operation which resulted in the arrest of 37 people for sexually exploiting minors and drug trafficking and 10 victims liberated from the clutches of the gang.

The police discovered the gang were using a basement in a hairdresser´s salon, in the Madrid district of Vallecas, as a drugs den and where officers discovered drugs, a firearm, machetes and cash.

The investigation began last April when the police were tipped off that vulnerable minors ( aged 13 to 16 ) were absconding from a vulnerable youth residence and engaging in sexual relations with in exchange for money or drugs.

Investigators discovered that the suspects contacted them through social media, gaining their trust and offered them drugs and later used them to offer sexual services to clients who were buying drugs.

Frequently the girls were forced to distribute the drugs themselves on scooters or taken to the Marconi industrial estate in the Usera district, which is well known red-light district.

According to one report in the El Pais newspaper, one girl escaped from the den and sought help from a shopkeeper nearby. It was later revealed that she had been held against her will and forced to have sex with visiting clients.

Police have also recovered a camera from the den which is being examined for pornographic images of the victims.

One of the detained is a 52-year-old Moroccan national, who had been released from prison for murder this year and another had 40 arrests to his name.

The detainees are currently being processed to stand trial in Madrid on a variety of charges including, rape, sexual assault, prostitution of minors, possession of child pornography, illegal detention and crimes against public health.



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