Outcry Over “Toro de Jubilo” Burning Bull Festival

This shocking video shows a terrified bull as it is pinned down and has flaming balls attached to its head as part of a centuries old Castilian festival.

The video starts with the already scared and clearly distressed bull with its tongue hanging out and being roped so that it is immobilised during the Toro de Jubilo de Medinaceli festival in Soria in Castilla y Leon.

The ropes are used to pin the bull’s head to a wooden post so that flaming balls can be placed on its head like two burning horns.

A burning liquid appears to be falling from the two blazing balls, possibly burning the animal’s head, and it is clearly terrified as it struggles to free itself from the ropes and attacks the wooden post, perhaps believing this is the source of the fire.

The bull then runs off struggling to throw off the burning balls and eventually after a while, successfully flings them across the ring, to the cheers of the spectators.

Clearly still terrified though, it continues to run around before collapsing on the floor and then dying in front of the spectators, who speedily gathered around in order to drag the dead animal away from the ring so the festival can continue.

The celebration known as the Jubilee Bull (Toro Jubilo) Festival dates back to the 16th century in which the bull is tied to a wooden pole so that the burning balls can be attached.

Organisers however claimed that the bull did not die from celebrations, but from the overenthusiastic members of the audience as they tried to drag it away.

But animal rights activists criticised organisers of the “grotesque spectacle” held on 12th November and also added that there were many breaches of the rules.

In a statement obtained by Newsflash, Spanish animal rights group PACMA said: “We have not been able to certify if the animal has possibly died of a heart attack because they have not allowed us to be present.

“We will proceed to assess legal measures.

“It is really impressive that something like this is still allowed to be celebrated in our country.”

PACMA added that the incident was even more shocking because it was something that would not have been covered or prevented by the new Animal Protection Law as the law specifically excludes any animals used in bullfighting.



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