Passersby Help Themselves To Looted ATM Cash On Madrid Street

This is the moment when passersby cash in on a gang’s botched bank ATM raid and grab handfuls of notes dropped by the crooks.

The raid – in the Spanish capital Madrid – was caught on camera as the gang blew the front of a cash machine in a bank lobby.

But – as the footage shows – they dropped bundles of cash as they fled to their getaway car at 7am on 30th July.

Three men wearing hoodies come running out of the lobby carrying trays and handfuls of cash.

But as they run to the car, they leave a trail of dropped notes behind them on the pavement.

Then, within seconds, a mob of passersby can be seen running up to the crime scene to scoop up the loose banknotes.

Some even dive into the bank lobby to see if the gang had got all the money out of the ATM.

Local media report that the gang used explosives to blast open the ATM of a BBVA bank before fleeing.

Two getaway vehicles were later found abandoned in another part of the city.

Police have warned that locals who collected cash from the ground may have to return it or they could face criminal charges.

The investigation continues, report local media.

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