Police Hunt Hotel Reception Hold Up Robbers

A couple and their daughter got a rude reception while checking into a hotel when they were suddenly confronted by armed robbers.

The family was standing at the front desk at Hotel NH Alcorcon, in the municipality of Alcorcon in southern Madrid region, when the armed men, one carrying a gun and the other a knife, suddenly burst into the lobby on the night of 6th April.

CCTV footage shows how the man, his wife, and their daughter move away following instructions before the crooks concentrate on stealing money from the reception desk.

While the knifeman keeps checking that they are not going to be disturbed, the gunman disappears into a back office with the two receptionists, presumably to look for more money.

After gathering the cash and stuffing it into a rucksack, the two masked robbers fled the building, jumped into a getaway car, and escaped.

Local media reported that another hotel in Alcorcon – Sercotel La Princesa – was robbed in the early hours of the same day.

A man reportedly entered the hotel and threatened the receptionist with a pistol before fleeing with cash and getting into a getaway car, where another person was waiting.

The two then sped off along the M-506 motorway.

The National Police have confirmed that they are looking for the armed raiders and added that nobody was hurt in either incident, although the hotel staff and the family involved were shocked.

Police are investigating if both robberies are linked or were committed by the same perpetrators.

At the time of reporting, the exact amount stolen was unknown.



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