Real-Time Temperature Monitoring Wearable Launches In Spain

A Singapore based company has launched an innovative product to help Spain curb the spread of coronavirus.

PouchNATION, a leader in crowd management and behavioral analytics technologies, has launched its new real time body  temperature monitoring wristband, PouchPASS in Spain.

The wearable  device was developed to aid workplaces, families, and communities as they cope with COVID-19 and monitoring of individual health and safety.

PouchNATION was originally a guest registration, cashless payments,  activity tracking, social engagement and access control platform for  events. Over a 5 year period, the company sold more than 3.8m RFID enabled wristbands to ensure seamless access and crowd control at some of Southeast Asia’s largest gatherings.

Faced with the onset of COVID-19 and utilising a recent study  conducted by the World Health Organisation (completed in China and Europe) indicating that 89.1% of COVID-19 patients had fever as the  major symptom, PouchNATION decided to swiftly pivot. They quickly developed PouchPASS, a continuous wrist based temperature monitor that provides continuous temperature  monitoring via a wearable wristband that provides convenience, contact management and data recording for employers to provide assurance to staff and their customers.

Leveraging on its experience in building mobile applications and  platforms as well as managing large amounts of data, PouchNATION has  developed both a personal mobile application and a dashboard for  community users that enables live situational reporting.

PouchPASS works by providing continuous, remote monitoring of  temperatures through a wristband linked to users’ smartphones via Bluetooth. A central platform operated by the company, can provide  transparency on any change of conditions within the workplace with >  real time alerts triggered for users in the event someone experiences  a significant rise in temperature. The technology also ensures accurate contact history within the workplace with geolocation  technology on the basis of strict privacy conditions and user  permission.

Similar in size and appearance to fitness monitoring wearables, the company has experienced a surge in demand and recently hit over 20 million global temperature records.

The company has already secured several high profile partnerships including the PETRONAS Sepang Racing Team as it tours racing tracks  around Spain and globally in an effort to keep its staff safe.

PouchPASS is offering a real-time solution for businesses across the construction, tourism, education, sports, manufacturing and events sectors as they adapt to the new reality of COVID-19 and the need to  perform temperature checks.

The PouchPASS wristband temperature monitor is currently on sale at an  individual rate of €35, with company and family discount packages  available.

Speaking about the launch, CEO of PouchNATION Ilya Kravtsov said:  “Many businesses remain reluctant to reopen without the ability to actively monitor staff and ensure customer safety. We’re very proud   of having designed and built a product and platform that can enable  employers and families to monitor, in real time, the temperatures of employees, visitors or family members to provide a quick and effective  response to potential COVID19 cases in the workplace or at home in  compliance with government regulations.

We hope that PouchPASS will provide real value not only in temperature and location data but also  in manpower costs required to manually take temperatures several times a day.”

You can find out more about PouchPASS HERE

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