Great Balls Of Fire – Meteor Lights Up Northern Spain

Central and northern Spain were treated to a rare display of heavenly light today as an intense bright light flashed across the night sky.

The dramatic video footage was shared on social media after the flying object was reported in different parts of the Spanish autonomous communities of Galicia and Castile y Leon in the early hours of today (18 January).

One video shows the object flying across the sky as a strong green light pulsates from it.

Another video in black and white, show the intensity of the light over large areas of the city of Pontevedra in Galicia.

The event was reportedly accompanied with loud sounds similar to an explosion which were thought to have been caused by the disintegration of the object believed to have been no more than 1 metre in diametre.

Local media said the event could have left fragments of space rock on the ground, making it only the second time in history that a meteorite would have been discovered in the area.

However, there have been no official reports confirming the discovery of any rocks left behind by the meteor.

There are no reports of any injuries caused by the passing of the meteor.

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