Sanchez Brings Glad Tidings To The King

The Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez flew to Mallorca this week to brief King Felipe on the country’s much improved prospects as it enters the summer holiday month of August.

The prime minister’s audience took place at the Spanish monarch’s traditional summer retreat of the Marivent Palace in Palma, the island´s capital.

“A year ago we had a Spain in resistance to the pandemic and today we are facing a completely different scenario”, Sánchez said.

The Prime Minister said that on his last visit to Palma, the world was far from having a vaccine against the virus, whilst today more than 57% of the population are fully vaccinated and is nearing the government’s target of reaching the 70%  herd Immunity threshold by the end of the month.

Sánchez also welcomed the latest figures released by INE (National Statistics Institute) which shows economy bouncing back, and unemployment falling again by 197,841 people in July, bringing employment levels close to pre-pandemic level.

The unemployment rate peaked in February of this year when it topped 4 million people and has fallen by nearly half a million since.

“These data corroborate that Spain is recovering and consolidating the economic growth that the Spanish government, companies, trade unions and all Spanish public institutions have been working towards” he said.

Finally, the Prime Minister pointed out how the EU Recovery Package has radically changed the outlook from a year ago, with the country set to receive its first tranche of nearly 20 bilion Euros in 2021 out of its total package of 70 billion Euros in direct grants.

“The Government of Spain has a firm commitment to recovery, to leave no one behind and to ensure that Spanish society as a whole plays a leading role in this recovery.”



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